Working Environment

We are well aware that the process of success is a long and challenging way that requires primarily hard-working, self-sacrifice, and determination. We believe that we have all these characteristics within our constitution. Also, we attach great importance to the team members’ motivation which is a crucial milestone in achieving sustainable development. From the perspective of both employees and the working partners, we present a profile that assembles all people and companies under the same roof with high satisfaction. That is what we call the AGA Marine way…

 At Sea

Our crew manning team mediates highly professional, qualified, and experienced crew members to reputable maritime companies. We have the passion for giving priority to bring together only the toplights thanks to our comprehensive crew members pool. Whether as a crew member or a maritime company, if you wish to work with a professional team that guarantees 100% satisfaction and directs you to your desired working environment, please contact us!


Our onshore team is in charge of services of repair & maintenance and 3rd party inspections provided in several ports in Turkey and the world. We are working with a group of people who have a successful academic background and are very experienced in their profession to put the best foot foremost. If you want to join our team, please check our business opportunities, or if you are a company that wishes to benefit from our privileged services, please contact us!