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 Ship Repair & Maintenance

We provide repair teams and riding squads for various specialties. We offer following services; yard supervision, dry docking repairs, afloat and anchorage repairs in turkey and voyage repairs in the world.


 Crew Manning

AGA Marine provides human resources services that is compatible with the ISM code requirements for ship owners and ship managers. In our company, we are responsible for the sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, scheduling, training/upgrading programs, and on-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels under crew manning contracts.

 3rd Party Inspection

Our qualified and experienced inspectors have a sharp eye for auditing technical, physical, conditional, and operational as they determine an asset’s true value based on the actual condition. We are ready to be deployed to any location around Turkey to undertake all merchant vessel type inspections on board.

ship planned maintenance


We maintain close contacts with authorities, terminals, stevedores, pilots, towage companies and all other service providers in the various Turkish Ports we cover. We are offering a personal and dedicated service 24/7 in order to keep all expenses for our customers to a minimum by closely coordinating and arranging all services during for instances passage in a timely manner and when possible by ensuring that all discounts available can be used to our customers benefit. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to achieve the best possible turnaround of your vessel. We have experience of all kind of vessels, namely LPG/LNG – GENERAL CARGO VESSELS – DRY CARGO VESSELS – CHEMICAL TANKERS and last but not least CRUISE VESSELS that call in the various Turkish Ports.