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Best Ship Husbandry in Turkey 2023
February 16, 2023
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What is the purpose of a dry dock in Turkey?
February 16, 2023

What is ship service in Turkey? Ship service refers to a range of services provided to ships while at sea or in port. These services are designed to support the ship’s operation and maintenance and ensure the safety and comfort of the crew and passengers.

Some of the most common types of ship services include:

  1. Provisioning: This includes the delivery of food, water, fuel, and other supplies to the ship while it is at sea.
  2. Repairs and maintenance: This includes providing technical support and repair services to address any problems with the ship’s systems or components.
  3. Medical support: This includes providing medical care and support for the crew and passengers, including emergency medical evacuation if necessary.
  4. Navigation and communication: This includes providing navigation charts, weather information, and communication services to support the safe operation of the ship.
  5. Waste management: This includes collecting and disposing of waste generated on the ship in compliance with environmental regulations.
  6. Crew support includes providing housing, transportation, and other support services for the crew while they are ashore.
  7. Bunkering: This includes the delivery of fuel and lubricants to the ship to support its propulsion and auxiliary systems.

These services are typically provided by specialized companies with expertise in the maritime industry and are designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of ships and their operators.

Overall, ship services play an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations and are a critical component of the global maritime industry.

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